Summer Story Time at Freiheit Elementary Celebrates 10 Years

June 14, 2023 - One of the best ways to spend the hot, lazy days of summer is by reading, and for the past 10 years, Freiheit Elementary has been promoting this favorite past time during its Summer Story Time for both students and families in neighborhoods around its campus.

This year’s Summer Story Time occurs every Wednesday through June 28 at three times and locations: 9:30-10 a.m. at Comal Farms Pavilion by the pool, 10:15-10:45 a.m. at Fire Station 6 on Stone Gate; and 11-11:30 a.m. at FES in the outdoor classroom by the garden to the side of the main entrance.

Remaining Dates:
  • Wednesday, June 21
  • Wednesday, June 28

Freiheit librarian Sandra Plumb, who co-founded the program, leads the fun by reading a book and encouraging students who attend to share a book of their choice and read it aloud.

This week’s Summer Story Time at FES featured three students who had prepared a book to read to the group. First, Gael Garcia, 9, who will be a fourth-grade student next year, read a book about volcanoes, then Tenley Steele, 7, who will be a second-grade student, read “All Tutus Should be Pink,” and Mia Gonzalez, 10, who will be a fifth-grade student, read “The Slug.”

“I like reading, because it makes you smarter,” says Garcia, who left with a new book in his hand.

Summer Story Time is a fun family outing for the Gonzalez family which includes Mia, who enjoys seeing her friends at Story Time, as well as Layla, 8; Emilia “Mini,” 7; and Adan, 4, who has been attending before he could walk.

“I love to read,” says Layla, arriving with a handmade t-shirt bookbag full of her favorite books including the Unicorn Diaries and Owl Diaries. “We get to pick out a book and snacks.”

Those are all perfectly good reasons to join the summer reading program, Plumb says. Each 30-minute session is an opportunity to connect with students and families through books. Plumb often reads the first book aloud, acting out certain parts, changing her voice to reflect characters and pointing out specific writing tools used in the book. She then turns to the students to see if someone is prepared to read.

“The goal has always been to make sure kids are reading over the summer,” says Plumb who started the program with then first-grade teacher A’ndrea Fisher, who now teaches at Pieper Ranch Middle School. “It is a way to close the almost three-month gap.”

Kids who attend any Summer Story Time session get to choose one book from a variety of free selections which they then get to keep for their own home library. They also get to choose a free snack.

“It is super important for kids to have a home library,” Plumb says. “We give kids an opportunity to build that home library which is so valuable. We know that some kids cannot go the library in the summer, and this helps families have access to books.”

Plumb explains that she is able to fund the summer reading program through proceeds from the campus’ two annual book fairs and read-a-thon. Additionally, she has applied and received an annual grant from H-E-B, called Read 3, which provides her with free books.



-Pictured from left is Freiheit Elementary School librarian Sandra Plumb, Mia Gonzalez, Layla Gonzalez, Adan Gonzalez and Emilia “Mini” Gonzalez.

-Mia Gonzalez shares a book during Summer Story Time at Freiheit Elementary on June 14.

-Tenley Steele shares a book during Summer Story Time at Freiheit Elementary on June 14.

-Gael Garcia shares a book on volcanoes during Summer Story Time at Freiheit Elementary on June 14.



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