Comal ISD Students Shine in Special Convocation Performance

Sept. 7, 2022 - Annually, the Comal Independent School District hosts convocation ceremonies to welcome teachers and staff to the new school year. The highlight of these ceremonies is a student performance that showcases the talent of the very students who the audience teaches and supports. This year’s production was filled with emotion featuring singers and dancers performing Alicia Keys’ song, “Good Job.”

From the first note sung to the last, the 48 students who performed the production, captivated audience members with their message: “The world needs you now. Know that you matter. You’re doing a good job.”

At a time when teachers and the education profession are not always portrayed in a good light in the media, this performance showed what a difference each of teacher makes in the lives of their students.

“I’m a new teacher to Comal ISD, and I was blown away by convocation,” said Samantha Fitzpatrick who teaches at Johnson Ranch Elementary. “The performance was amazing. I spent the rest of the day bragging about the people and the environment.”

Showcasing the talent of elementary, middle and high school students who are involved in the district’s fine arts programs is a key part of the annual performance. The students spend hours together practicing, sharing their passions and encouraging one another.

“The collaboration of elementary, middle and high school students, along with their teachers and administrators was the example of what our world needs right now,” said Karla Cruz, the Canyon High School choir director, whose students were among those performing.

Other groups included in this year’s performance were the theater crew from Smithson Valley High School with theater director Casey O’Bryant; the choir from Church Hill Middle School with choir director Melissa Lacy; the SVHS dance team with dance director Lindsey Gillean; and the choir from Rahe Bulverde Elementary with music teacher Lynsea Woodall.

In total, the cast and crew spent 20 to 30 hours preparing for this year’s production which they performed at six convocation ceremonies. Rehearsals consisted of creating the production; staging entrances and exits; choreography; lights and sound; and more.

“Preparing convocation is truly one of the coolest experiences I have had as a teacher,” said Lacy. “To have the different programs, directors and grade levels come together as one, for the common mission of sending a message of love, support and encouragement to our community, was inspiring. It fueled my teacher’s heart greatly and reminded me why fine arts are essential.”

In addition to the students who performed in the production, each convocation ceremony featured students at the host campus as well including students with junior ROTC programs, cheer, dance, choir and band.


"Good Job" Production Performers

Canyon High School Choir

  • Isabela ‘Bela’ Abrego
  • Mia Avila, Soloist
  • Kaitlyn DeLos Santos
  • Sylas Greene, Soloist
  • Laurel Hagelgans
  • Josue Hijar
  • Kara Munoz
  • Skylar Oldbury
  • Harvey Strong
  • Aidan Weeks

Canyon High School Alumni Quartet "For the Longest Time"

  • Edison Cottle
  • Braeden Gibbons
  • Omar Mora
  • Carlos Munoz

 Church Hill Middle School Choir

  • Elizabeth Akins
  • Brooklyn Burtch
  • Katelyn Castillo
  • Riley Cloe
  • Lillian Dubicki
  • Marjesca Engelhardt
  • Emry Greebon
  • Marlea Klapuch
  • Jane Sterling
  • Sophie Zapata

Rahe Bulverde Elementary Choir

  • Jenna Beck, soloist
  • Elisabetta Buckenmyer, soloist
  • Isla Burton
  • Cynthia Garcia
  • Natalie Ridgley
  • Violet Urbach
  • Ellie Velasquez, now a student at Pieper Ranch Middle School
  • Arden Wenner, now a student at Spring Branch Middle School
  • Ave Zarzour
  • Zoe Zook, now a student at PRMS

Smithson Valley High School Theater Technical Crew

  • James Berry
  • Emma Derr
  • Aidenne Despres
  • Rowen Hamilton
  • Emma Kern
  • Morgan Miller
  • Chaya Powell
  • Tatum Tomallo
    Ella Winkler

Smithson Valley High School Silverado Officers

  • Bridget George
  • Kyndal Magers
  • Sadie Salas
  • Cecily Warnock
  • Sophie Zettler



-Students from elementary, middle and high school choirs performed in the 2022 Convocation production.

-Smithson Valley High School Silverado dance officers performed in the 2022 Convocation production. 

-Students from Smithson Valley High School's theater department served as the 2022 Convocation production technical crew.

-The Canyon High School Alumni Quartet performed at each of the 2022 Convocation ceremonies.

-Directors of various Fine Arts programs from across the district, worked together to create the 2022 Convocation production.



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