Recent Grads Commit to Military Service

June 15, 2022 - The Comal Independent School District is committed to graduating every student ready for military, career or college. This year, 54 graduates committed to serve in the United States military either as enlistees, by appointment to a military academy or through the acceptance of an ROTC college scholarship.

Campuses hosted military signing days for students who made their commitments earlier in the spring with family, friends and military recruiters celebrating their decisions.

One Canyon High School student, Hud Baese, received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs where he will major in English and fine arts. He was recently featured in a KSAT 12 Great Graduates segment.

Members of the Smithson Valley High School Navy Junior ROTC program accepted Navy ROTC scholarships to universities of their choice. These students include Jarrett Dean-Von Stultz who will attend the University of California Berkley, Emily Brady who will attend Vanderbilt University and Elizabeth Stockwell who will attend Texas A&M University. Upon graduation, each will be commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy.


ROTC Scholarship Recipients

(Canyon High School – CHS, Canyon Lake High School – CLHS, Davenport High School – DHS, Memorial Early College High School – MECHS, Smithson Valley High School – SVHS)

  • Chandler Banks, CHS, to Texas A&M University
  • Ty Borron, DHS, Army ROTC scholarship to Texas Christian University
  • Emily Brady, SVHS, Navy ROTC scholarship to Vanderbilt University
  • Lauren Burleigh, SVHS, Army ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M University
  • Christian Cage, DHS, Army ROTC scholarship to University of Texas, Arlington
  • Jarrett Dean-Von Stultz, SVHS, Navy ROTC scholarship to University of California Berkley
  • Thomas Healey, SVHS, Army ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M University
  • Emma Johnson, DHS, Army ROTC scholarship to Baylor University
  • Simon Saberon, DHS, Army ROTC scholarship to Southern Methodist University
  • Elizabeth Stockwell, SVHS, Navy ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M University
  • Nicholas Sunstrom, DHS, Army ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M University
  • David Van Horn, DHS, Army ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M University 


Air Force

  • Brayden DeVries, CLHS
  • Corbin Rodriguez, SVHS
  • Jonathon Sepeda, CHS
  • Thien Vo, CHS
  • Kayden Voke, SVHS


  • James Baker, SVHS
  • Caesar Casares, CHS
  • Drew Crouch, CLHS
  • Cody Elizondo, CLHS
  • Emily Garibay, SVHS
  • Abigail Guerrero, CHS
  • Corbin Guerrettaz, SVHS
  • Janaa Henry, CHS
  • Matthew Michael Morrison, MECHS
  • Daniel Oakley, CHS
  • Josh Stine, SVHS
  • Bernardo Tellez, SVHS

Army Reserve

  • Madison Evans, CLHS

Coast Guard

  • Keegan Cone, CHS
  • Reid Mentzer, CLHS


  • Jeffery Breen, CHS
  • Zachary Bocanegra, DHS
  • Gabriel Dionne, CHS
  • Josue Garcia, CHS
  • Avery Hurta, CLHS
  • Blake Jensen, SVHS
  • Justin Knight, CLHS
  • Hunter Levay, CHS
  • Jose Mejia, SVHS
  • Thomas Schafer, CLHS

National Guard

  • Ethan Alford, CLHS
  • Conner Clark, CHS
  • Alivia Maye Reynolds, MECHS
  • James Robinson, CHS


  • Joseph Bill, CHS
  • Wyatt Duross, SVHS
  • Dennis Doroshko, CHS
  • Dane Forbes, SVHS
  • Alejandro Hincapie, SVHS
  • Faith Hunter, CHS
  • Ephraim Silvesan, SVHS 




-Military signing day at Canyon Lake High School.

-Pictured are recent Smithson Valley High School graduates who have received ROTC scholarships to attend college with a commitment to serve in the military upon earning their degrees. Front row from left is Emily Brady and Elizabeth Stockwell; back row from left is Thomas Healey, Jarrett Dean-Von Stultz and Lauren Burleigh.

-Pictured from left are Smithson Valley High School graduates who have enlisted in the U.S. military including Kayden Voke, Corbin Guerrettaz, Alejandro Hincapie, Emily Garibay, James Baker and Ephraim Silvesan.



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